Jayne's Green Initiative

Committed to reducing our environmental impact, Jayne’s Gourmet brings an eco friendly approach to the world of events.  Challenging the industry that produces vast amounts of waste, we provide truly green services to improve the surroundings in which we live.

A few tips to greening your events…

  • Send invitations and correspondence via email
  • Local flower suppliers or potted plants and trees for décor
  • Use china over biodegradable disposables
  • Source natural fibre linens and napkins
  • Source gift products from sustainable businesses
  • Support venues demonstrating sustainable practices
  • Support the local wine and beer industries
  • Refrain from serving beverages in plastic containers
  • Reuse or donate
  • Aim for zero waste – compost and recycle



We recognize we have a responsibility to consider our environmental and social impact at all levels of the organization and to guarantee that best practice is incorporated into all operational decisions.  This responsibility extends beyond the boundary of our immediate premises and includes the way we work with suppliers, contractors and other intermediaries.  In so far as is feasible, we:

  • Act in partnership with our suppliers & intermediaries to address environmental & social issues when sourcing food
  • Plan menus and service delivery to support client food choices that are healthy and have positive environmental and social impacts
  • Work to reduce negative ecological impacts resulting from our catering operations
  • Are fair and transparent in our dealings with employees, suppliers and intermediaries and enlist their support to achieve our environmental policy
  • Develop and maintain effective systems to improve environmental performance and quality

With the assistance of the ISO & Standards Council of Canada we are working to formalize an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001, which will help us successfully realize our environmental action plan (EAP).  The aim of our EAP is to:

  • safeguard the environment by identifying and establishing environmental principles, objectives and goals
  • provide a framework for developing procedures and initiatives;
  • communicate its approach to all stakeholders;
  • respond to concerns raised by the community within which we operate

Our Environmental Action Plan focuses on reducing the use of natural resources in the following ways: reducing energy consumption, encouraging sustainable transport used by our staff and suppliers, improving air, land and water quality by our sensitive approach to everything we do, using local, sustainable and organic food and beverage products, donating to local charities, enhancing our business environment and surrounding land, providing effective management of waste reduction, recycling, composting and reusing


Salad Greens


Here are some of our achievements:

Air Quality

  • we installed fluorescent lighting (low energy lighting) which reduces our electrical usage by one third annually and provides approximately 8 times the longevity of incandescent lighting and high efficiency hot water tanks in our commercial facility
  • our facility is powered with green electricity and green gas from Bullfrog Power.  Our annual fossil fuel emission reduction is 34.7 tons.
  • we replaced our windows with Energy Star rated windows, offering natural light and access to fresh air
  • our cleaning products are biodegradable and ammonia and phosphate free
  • our office is electronically and digitally driven
  • our computer systems hibernate over night
  • our web host provider is wind powered
  • our hanging spider plants remove CO2 and VOC’s from the atmosphere

Water Conservation

  • we plant native plants which reduces our landscaping costs
  • we capture rain water in barrels and reuse it
  • we source foods, wine and beer locally which reduces the distance products have to travel which further reduces carbon emissions, provides better tasting food and keeps our local economy healthy
  • our vans are washed at car wash centers using recycled water
  • we encourage our clients to use tap water and we support the Tap Water project – by doing so we keep plastic out of landfills and reduce our consumption of water
  • we installed low flush toilets
  • we encourage our clients to incorporate a vegetarian diet into their menu planning as it takes less water to produce vegetables
  • we encourage grass fed livestock over grain fed as it reduces water consumption
  • we emulate the 100 Mile market philosophy sourcing local products and services from vendors demonstrating sustainable practices
  • we combine deliveries and errands which reduces water use as it takes a lot of water to produce gas
  • we use dry methods of cleaning where possible to reduce water consumption

Land Conservation

  • we use china for food presentation and events
  • we use biodegradable products made from corn husks and palm which composts
  • we use minimal packaging
  • we support local food banks and charities in Toronto
  • we reuse all name tag holders, sign and graphics, décor items for use at other events
  • we compost and recycle all food scraps
  • we purchase carbon offsets from Carbon Zero to neutralize carbon emissions produced by our commercial vehicles and facility
  • all waste is separated into five different waste streams: cardboard, food compost, tin and glass, vegetable oil and garbage
  • all oil from our kitchen is recycled and reused