Food Trends: Microbrews

Who doesn’t love basking in the sun, on a beautiful patio, with an ice cold beer in hand?

A combination of 4 primary ingredients (water, starch source, hops and yeast), beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, and is the third-most popular drink overall, after water and tea.

At Jayne’s Gourmet, we love to support our local Toronto market, and our city is home to several microbreweries! A microbrewery, or craft brewery, is a modern brewery which produces a limited amount of beer per year. The Canadian standard for microbreweries is production less than 60,000 hectolitres of beer in a year (one hectolitre equals approximately 12.2 cases of 24 standard-sized bottles).



Steam Whistle Brewing: Steam Whistle is one of the top ranked microbrews in all of Canada. The company has a strong reputation and passion for fantastic locally brewed beer. They believe that world-class results require focus and dedication, so they have developed a distinctive recipe based on Europe’s renowned brewing standards. Using traditional brewing techniques and only four natural GMO-free ingredients, the Steam Whistle Pilsner is characterized by floral hop aroma, sweet graininess with distinctive grassy notes, and balanced by a clean, crisp finish and pleasant lingering bitterness. Delicious! Steam Whistle opens their doors to thousands of visitors each year who come for a guided tour. A visit provides the chance to see first-hand how they brew their Pilsner, try a sample and to meet some of the folks who make this beer a success! They also have one of the most sought after event spaces in the entire city. With it’s fantastic location, historic architecture and overall versatile nature, it can be booked for just about any event you have in mind. For more information, Visit


Mill Street Organic: Named for its original location at 55 Mill Street in the historic distillery district of Toronto, Mill Street prides themselves as the creators of innovative craft beers, bringing interesting beers to the public (and winning many awards for their genius creations!) Their Original Organic Lager only uses imported organic hops and malt to create a uniquely refreshing lager with a distinct European flavour. This lager has a delicate floral aroma, light palate with malty flavour balanced by some happy bitterness. The Mill Street brewpub features 14 Mill Street beers on draught, including seasonal and other special/one-off releases. Visit


Junction Craft Brewing: Our neighbours in the Junction! Junction Craft Brewing is committed to brewing the highest-quality, hand-crafted beers. They brew only with the natural ingredients of water, yeast, barley and the world’s finest hops. Their signature brew is Conductor’s Craft Ale, a ‘hopbacked’ hybrid ale utilizing British, German and American brewing techniques. They use 5 different malts and 5 different hops to give this ale a biscuity, toasted, caramel base. To finish the beer they designed and built in-house a ‘hopback’ mechanism that infuses the hop aromas into the beer. Never tried this unique beer before? Their Tap Room features a rotating lineup of craft brews for customers to sample in 5oz and 10oz glasses, plus all brews are available to purchase. Visit


Amsterdam Brewing Company: Every beer Amsterdam makes, holds to the same promises followed while crafting their very first brews: made by hand, made fresh daily, and made for you. Their brewing passion is based on a philosophy that a beer should be honest, ingredients must be pure and of the best quality, and that time honoured recipes provide the pathway to creating wonderful beers. Amsterdam fans benefit from the dedication to knowledge and how process and ingredient can yield spectacular result; innovative beers that are designed to take you on an adventure in taste. Amsterdam Natural Blonde is the beer that started it all! Handcrafted, cold filtered, and non-pasteurized, this beer is brewed fresh daily using all natural ingredients creating a well balanced, hoppy beer with a clean, crisp taste and smooth, mellow (hint of citrus!) finish. Visit


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