Eco-friendly ideas: Composting!

Ever wonder what you could do to reduce the amount of waste in your home? Perhaps try composting! Composting is amazing for the environment and with some time and energy, you can change the habit of throwing everything away and will be surprised that on garbage day, there is only one bag to carry to the curb!

What is compost and what are the benefits?
Compost is the end product of a natural process which reduces organic waste to humus. Compost contains a good range of major and minor plant nutrients, trace elements essential for healthy plant growth, as well as soil microbes and organic fiber for building healthy soil.

Compost returns organic matter and nutrients back to the soil in a usable form. This improves plant growth by loosening up heavy clay soils so that air and water may get in. By adding essential nutrients and soil organisms back to all soil, plants have a greater ability to survive against diseases and harmful organisms/pests.

What to Compost?

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Coffee grounds
  • Egg shells
  • Corn husks and cobs
  • Garden clippings and leaves (no weeds)

What not to Compost?

  • Meat scraps and bones
  • Dairy products
  • Charcoal ash or vacuum bags and dust
  • Diseased plants or weeds
  • Animal feces

For more information on composting, please visit for a list of composting factsheets prepared by Solid Waste Management.

To purchase backyard composters, visit your local hard ward store or the City of Toronto offers backyard composters made of 100% recycled materials for $15.00 (additional charge for delivery). Visit for more information on purchasing your backyard composter from our beautiful city!


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